Low Carb Strawberry Pancake Cups

Low Carb Strawberry Pancake Cups | My Low Carb Kid

I am often asked what me and my family eat for breakfast. Most people think that the only option available to us “low carbers” is eggs, eggs and more eggs. Sometimes bacon! And, yes, eggs do satisfy us many a morning. Which is probably because they are filled with healthy protein, fat and nutrients. But the one thing many people don’t realise is that there are so many different ways to use them, including in these low carb strawberry pancake cups!

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Why is it so hard to lose weight after pregnancy? And what to do about it!

Why is it so Hard to Lose Weight After Pregnancy? | My Low Carb Kid

I remember the phone call well. I was speaking to a close friend I hadn’t seen for some time. It was a couple of weeks after finding out I was pregnant. I just couldnt keep the news to myself any longer so I spilled the beans – full of excitement about what was to come.

She was thrilled and ushered the usual “congratulations” and “you’re going to be a great mom”. But then she said something that I had not given much thought to. She said: “Oh no… your body! It will never be the same again!”

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