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12 Week Schedule for Starting Solids with Your Baby | My Low Carb Kid

Starting solids with your baby can be quite a stressful time. There are so many opinions available from your family, other moms, your paediatrician, and the internet – that you can’t decide who to go with. On top of that, you may find that your little one is a fussy eater. Your mom may maintain wholeheartedly that your favourite food when you were a baby was banana, your growing baby on the other hand, prefers to spit any spoonful of the mooshed fruit all over your new clothes (that actually happened to me).

That is why I have put this schedule together – to take away some of that stress. You will be able to see day by day, and meal by meal what you can feed your little love.

Before you implement this schedule with your baby, please check with your paediatrician. You can print it out and show it to them and they can advise on changes you may need to make for your baby. Remember that each baby is different and may need more or less of certain nutrients at different stages of their life. This is the plan that I used with my little boy, and he has grown and flourished into a big and very healthy boy who looooovvvvves his vegetables!

12 Week Schedule for Starting Solids with Your Baby – Read Before You Start:

  • Please consult with your baby’s physician or paediatrician before starting this plan. It may not work for your baby’s requirements
  • Don’t introduce a new food if your family has a history of allergy with that food. Rather introduce those foods later (if at all) and only after consultation with your paediatrician.
  • Introducing solids may mean that your baby starts to drop milk feeds. Make sure that your paediatrician is ok with this.
  • Always use the best quality foods that you can afford for your baby (for example: organic, free-range, and/or grass-fed).
  • Wash all food thoroughly before cooking it. Some fruit and vegetables may still have remnants of pesticides. It is also a good idea to peal the fruit and vegetables because of this.
  • Vegetables and meat must be fully cooked. Meat must not have any pink or rare areas. Hard fruits like apples and pears can be softened by cooking.
  • Make sure that fruit is fully ripe. Steaming the fruit for short periods can also make the fruit more easily digestible for your baby.
  • All foods should be pureed to a thick “smoothie” consistency. Mix some liquid with the food initially so that your baby can get used to this new way of feeding. Some liquid suggestions: boiled and cooled water; breastmilk or formula milk; water leftover from steaming fruit or vegetables; or chicken bone broth. Over time you can give the food more texture once you are sure your baby is ready.
  • Never force feed your baby. Stop feeding when your baby is no longer interested, or turns their head away or starts crying. Some days they may be less hungry than usual, so don’t be concerned if they don’t finish their usual amount.
  • Before you start solids with your little squish, please read the 10 Guidelines to Starting Solids with Your Baby. This schedule is based on those guidelines.

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Baby’s First Foods to Include in the 12 Week Plan

VegetablesFruitHealthy FatsProtein
ButternutApricotExtra-Virgin Coconut Oil (1/4 tsp)Cheese (Mild e.g. cheddar or mozzarella)
CauliflowerBlueberriesChicken Livers
Green BeansKiwiEgg
ParsnipPeachWhite Fish
Sweet Potato
Zucchini / Courgette / Baby Marrow


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